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"What do you think of the beard?"


"Booth’s commitment to Brennan …

"…makes his commitment to solving the case even more intense than it normally would be," Stephen Nathan says. "Because of that, they’ve uncovered what appears to be a conspiracy that is far, far larger than the Ghost Killer. What we wanted to do, because we have been dealing with serial killers on a relatively regular basis on the show, was take this in another direction and make this rabbit hole that they’re falling down far more nefarious and conspiratorial than we have ever seen before."

But Nathan once again emphasizes that whatever struggles are ahead for Booth and Brennan, they will face them as a couple.

"Booth and Brennan are solid," he says. "Whatever tension, whatever conflict, whatever danger or difficulty they go through, they’re going through it together.

"They might have very big difficulties dealing with things and resolving issues between them… but the testament to a strong couple is getting through that. It’s not the ups and downs, it’s not the danger.  It’s the survival, it’s how you grow from that.

"People will be changed by what happened at the end of Season 9 and what will occur at the top of Season 10. But the show as we all know it will continue; it will just continue in a different way."

And although the show has been renewed for what some speculate could be its final season, Nathan still isn’t looking toward the end.

"We don’t have a home-stretch mentality," he says. "We view this as a marathon. And even if the show were to end in Season 10, we have to approach this as an ongoing process. We’re in the middle of [the characters’] lives, so if we’re told to end it, we’ll be able to end it.

But … we will be more than ready to continue to go to an 11th season or a 12th season or a 13th season. Whether that happens is up to the powers that be, but we will be ready to continue.”

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nightatthebonesmuseum said: Tomato stick HAHAHAHA :P I said "Pelado botón" because pelado means "bald" and botón is someone who exposes you, betrays you, also it could mean the police. and "Tomate el palo" means "to get way from here" those are Argentinian expressions, I didn't even think how they would sound in english it's so funny hahahah

Thank you! I was getting very curious because I knew you probably weren’t using a secret code: nude pin tomato stick ya ya ya!

Just shows how you really need people, not computers, as translators, yes?

Although it sure was worth a good laugh  ;)

So I paste a couple tags into Google translate cuz I want to know what’s being said about a gifset of mine - #pelado boton #tomate el palo

and I get ….

 #nude Pin   #tomato stick


And I’ve been laughing so much my stomach hurts.

447onthewashingmachine said: you enjoy causing me pain don’t you TT-TT

I do! I’m evil I guess.  :D

(Bones S10 spoiler)